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Make sure to read the server rules in-game or on our website! Instagram | Twitter | Store | Website  
BlockBox was started in 2012 as a creative server and quickly expanded to also include anti-grief survival. A lot has changed since then, but we remain a tight-knit and casual community where all players are welcome to have fun, make friends, and enjoy Minecraft. We currently have several creative worlds, a PvE survival server, and a fully custom minigame server with Spleef, CTF, Paintball and more. We hold weekly game nights on Discord every Saturday to talk and play games.

Hub The Hub is the server you start on when you first join. From the Hub, you can get to all other BlockBox servers. You can easily get back to the hub at any time by typing /hub. Survival Our Survival server is anti-grief and allows players to lock their possessions with LWC. You can set multiple homes, teleport to others, and buy and sell items at the Market. Getting griefed by another player is unlikely, but if it happens our staff can easily restore your build and ban the griefer with LogBlock. Creative The BlockBox Creative server has thousands of creations of all types built by players of all different skill levels. There are three ranks that players can earn by showing their building skill, and our main creative world is organized into large 89 by 89-block plots of land that players can claim and allow their friends to build with them on. We also have a Builder world that only players with the Builder rank or higher can claim plots in, as well as a Superflat world for VIP and Mason rank and higher. Higher ranks starting with Mason and VIP allow players to use WorldEdit to make building faster and easier. Minigames There are currently 3 fast-paced minigames to choose from on the Minigames server: Spleef, Capture the Flag, and One in the Chamber. All maps are custom-built by our players.   Our ranking system is quite simple and is as follows:

The rank all players start as when they first join the server.

Donator (No longer available)
Earned by giving $10 or more to support the server.

Earned by giving $20 or more to support the server.

Earned by building something deemed worthy of Apprentice status.

Earned by building something deemed worthy of Builder status.

Rank between Builder and Architect.

Builds server-related structures such as spawns and arenas. Earned by building something deemed worthy of Architect status.

Staff rank. Moderates the server and assists players.

Staff rank. Assists in administrative decisions and tasks.  
Be it reporting a grief or needing help with a command, our knowledgeable and dedicated staff are available to assist players with any questions or issues that they may have. All staff are trained to use LogBlock to quickly identify and ban griefers as well as undo the damage caused, so you don't have to worry about rebuilding. You can relax knowing that the server is in good hands. Note that griefing and raiding is allowed on Factions, so protect yourself accordingly! See you on the server!

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