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Version 240
Type Dedicated Balanced English Crosshair Events Fair No Hackers Mods Taming PVPVE
Last Update15 May 2016
Join Date10 May 2016

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    New Server May 15, 2016 Bad Boys Gaming Welcomes All! We Are a new gaming community seeking active players! Our Server is being hosted on a linux dedicated host updated frequently using ark-server-tools.
Server Specs :
motherboard: Intel Corporation DH61AG
CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-3570S CPU @ 3.10GHz
Ram:2 x 8192 MB
Disk:1 x 2000GB SATA
Lnux Kernel: Debian 8.4 3.14.32-xxxx-grs-ipv6-64 Server Info TheCenter
NAME: BadBoysGaming-PVPVE-10x-X/10-G/10-T/10-H+M/Balanced/Mods!
IP: Website:
Public Team Speak 3: What is Bad boys Gaming?
it started out just me trying to find perfect fair servers just to enjoy and play , but after a while of admin abuse , griefing players it got tiresome. so with the help of friends we decided to create our own community balance and fair for all no admin unless called for , The way I see it if you have a good community playing why would you need active admin around if players are helpful to each other then the use of admin is not needed , I seen the damage admin can do specially when they play non -admin characters of games he would get raided get mad and ban who raided him how is that fair at all ? that is the main thing i will not permit on the servers. so limiting Admin on server is top Priority.
SERVER SETTINGS - 10x multiplier /XP
- 10x multiplier /Gathering
- 10x multiplier /Taming
- 10x multiplier /Hatching
- 10x multiplier /Mature
- autolocking /enable
- stats increased slightly
Day and Night
- day /.035 (realtime)
- night / 1.599990 (nights go quicker)
- Structure Resistance increased by 20%
- ResourceNoReplenishRadiusPlayers=0.50000
- ResourceNoReplenishRadiusStructures=0.60000
- ResourcesRespawnPeriodMultiplier=0.50000
- PVP all day until 21:00 Eastern time
- PVE from 21:00 Eastern Time till 06:00 am Server Rules
Pvp Rules:
No destroying of all structures or dinos
No Griefing
If you leave a base you have raided there is no going back ( will not tolerate base campers)
If a person has been raided they can not be raided again for 1 week by no one! (gives them time to rebuild)
No building near large resource areas (can't stand when people are unable to get resources due to morons blocking resources)
PVE Rules:
no picking up players or dinos dropping them to there deaths
No global chat spamming
No racist's or threatening remarks
English in global MODSUsed in our server
Bad boys Gaming Mod Collections
By: Badboysgaming
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