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Last Update26 Apr 2017
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Andromeda is a galaxy attuned to vanilla Pre-CU but with many improvements. Our focus is balance of the PvE/PvP aspects, narrative, custom content and a brand new jedi progression system unlike any other. We have a strong development team that cares about its players and will listen to feedback

Change Logs
14 Apr 2017

[UPDATE: 04/13/17] There is lots of content on its way soon, we had a rush in pushing Andromeda to go Live but we felt it was a better decision to let the economy get started so that future players can jump right into the action. Coming first is our very advanced Jedi unlock system which we promise, is unlike any other server yet.

[UPDATE: 04:35 UTC+1, 04/14/17] Andromeda Chapter One [Patch #1] deployed. Introduces a universal group /invite command, hard-coded our maximum character limit to 4 (we had compiling issues due to a rushed Live launch), and removed the Cleanse Character blue frog command due to a steady increase in population and economy.

[UPDATE: 05:49 UTC+1, 04/14/17] Andromeda officially added to Galaxy Harvester's Server List

23 Apr 2017

Andromeda Patch 2, 3 deployed, Jedi Milestone #1 (Force Sensitive) is 80% complete, player progression is saved with no loss of time at all. Deadline for Jedi Trials expected by May 30th latest. Will take many characters a lot of play time to finish Milestone 1 anyway. We are officially #1 on the list, have no drama on the server, have no yet to issue a ban yet, and have been commended for a professional admin team and community response.