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Version 718
Type Economy Skilling
Last Update28 Sep 2014
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Download link:  http://www.mediafire.com/download/lb4pboz0i9ndics/742byskillerc.rar

- ClanChat- Duel Arena- Dungeoneering System- Decent and fun economy.- 24.7 Uptime- Trading- Webclient- AutoCasting- 100% Private Messaging- Active helpful staff- 4 different Donator status- Regular updates!- Completely Lag Free!- All skills trainable!- Summoning- 100% working- Working Korasi’s Sword & others such as D claws.- Multi Barrages- Xp Counter- All skills to 99- 138 Max Cb Level- 2496 Total Level- Yell with custom colours!- Working weapon specs and effects- Working curses prayer book, including turmoil!- Proper prayer draining!- All spell books, Moderns, Ancients and Lunars- All Spirit shields working, Even their effects- Working Teleblock- Staff of light Special- Daily Events!- Player run economy!- Player's get to vote updates!- Unique Adventures Log- Unique Dry Point system- Nice xp rates!- Choose your own xp!- Unique Quests- Tones of Completionist cape requirements!- 10 Prestige levels! With awesome rewards!- Loyalty point system!- 10 Digit bank pins! Anti-hax!- DDoS Protected VPS!- 3 second character saving. Prevent rollbacks!- Custom character clothing saving!- Unique home, never seen before!- All bosses!- 3 different types of dwarf cannon!- Crucible- Clan Wars- Castle Wars- Dominion tower!- Lot's of pvp action!- Castle wars/clans wars!- Dicing for trusted ranks!- Fight Caves/Kiln- Money Pouch- Nex- GWD Bosses- Dryaxions- TheRiseOfZark- Highscores- Duel Arena- LRC- Wildy Wyrm-- And so much more...![/COLOR]