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Type PVE PVP Zlevels Safe trading Active Admins Backpacks Anti Cheat Better Rust Community Fast Crafting
Location United States
Last Update17 Nov 2023
Join Date17 Nov 2023


After just ONE MONTH of playing rust on multiple different servers I realized that most PVE and PVE Hybrid servers are inherently flawed. So I made my own server; and took the things I liked about several of the servers I played on, and made them actually function COHESIVELY!

Our server is hosted on our own privately owned and operated DEDICATED server using 4 cores on a Ryzen 7 3800x / Expandable RAM / NVME M.2 not some $10/mo "game host" where the CPU's cores are shared with other servers.


  • 100% FREE - NO VIP/MVP, etc.

  • 4Player MAX Teams

  • ALL deployables locked to you and your team by default

  • Active PLAYING staff with NO EXTRA PERMS other than management

  • Backpacks

  • Building-wide Workbenches

  • CONSTANTLY monitored performance/integrity

  • Corpse-looting ONLY allowed in PVP Zones

  • Craftable Recycler

  • Craftable trashcans

  • Custom in-game Shop

  • Economy

  • Event Broadcasts

  • In-Game [/info] command for F.A.Q

  • Kits to convert economy to scrap

  • Leveling System that pays to economy

  • Minicopters with 4 seats, Lights and storage

  • No cost [/remove] tool w/ partial refund

  • NO PAID RANKS or in-game "donor perks."

  • PVP in designated areas/events

  • P2P Trade

  • Purchaseable Tugboats

  • Scrap Heli Storage

  • TRUE PVE/PVP Hybrid Server

  • Test Generators / Simple Lights

  • ..And more!


  1. No Hacking|Exploiting|Botting|Advertising|Prejudice|Racism|Sexism|Politics

  2. Be RESPECTFUL TO EVERYONE - Jokes are okay provided they're tactful.

  3. Anyone caught using the Patrol Heli to demo other players' bases will be banned indefinitely without question.

*NOTE* This server's still in 'beta' stages, and some things MAY change.

We welcome any and all feedback.