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Type 10x Gather Active Admins Better loot Skinbox Kits caseunboxing NPCevents No Radiation Teleport Homes
Location United States
Last Update28 Mar 2023
Join Date28 Mar 2023


Welcome to Blessed Rust Servers!!!

If you would like to join our community and check out our server, Join our discord below! A whole year + has went into this server and we are truly one of a kind! Hope to see you there!!

Discord =

Server Trailer =

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What does Blessed Rust have to offer?

>We host free to enter custom events every Friday for RUST SKINS to give back to the community! >Active Non-Playing Administrators

>Constant Updates

>Active Moderators | Chat Mods

>24 Hour Wipe Raid Protection

>Cheap VIP kits w/ no sulfur !

>Placeable Recycler

>Clans (Max group of 6)

>Auto Barrel Loot Pickup!

>Custom Balanced Loot Tables

>Custom Balanced Shop

>Custom Black Market NPC shop for reward points!

>MyMini Command For Everyone To Use !

>SkinBox For Everyone To Use 4,000+ Skins For FREE! Free Discord & Steam Kits w/ Amazing Perks ! >Cases (Unbox Rust Items and Kits, Example : CSGO style case unboxing in rust!)

>Free Bgrade to everyone for all tiers of materials !

>Remove / repair base / auto upgrade Commands

>Well Designed / Modified Website


>Outpost Teleport / Bandit Teleport +MORE!!!