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Type Active Admins Vanilla Soloduo Solo Duo Noob Friendly PVP PVE
Location United Kingdom
Last Update02 Feb 2023
Join Date02 Feb 2023


Welcome to Pixel Cookie Lounge UK Vanilla Server

Join the Community here: https://discord.gg/kBbnUTJpYJ 

 Last Map and blueprint wipe:02/02/2023

Next Map  and blueprint Wipe:16/02/2023


Weekly cycle wipes map and Bi weekly blueprints

Max team size : 2 Players

Active friendly admin


Server rules

No racism or hate

No religous or political talk

Help out new Players

Max. 2 players authorized on TC over the course of a wipe.

Max. 2 players in a group

Max. 2 players basing together

Max. 2 players raiding/roaming together

Neutrality is permitted - alliances/teaming are not.

No giving away or receiving bases\nCode raiding may result in a ban\nNo TC Greifing Just unlock a base when finished raiding/nIf in doubt, contact a moderator - they have final say