Rusted Reprieve

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Status Online
Current MapDivided_V1.4
Last Ping28 minutes 30 seconds ago
Type Zombies Zlevels Custom Maps Custom Plugins Active Admin Backpacks Biweekly Wipes Friendly Community Good Server Rust
United States
Last Update03 Apr 2021
Join Date03 Apr 2021

Server Info

Welcome to Rusted Repreive, I am glad your here.

This server is a Unique PvPvE server with custom Maps and premium plugins to ensure your stay is never boring.

Events are always going on like Raidbable Bases, Fancy Drop, Heli Refuel, Plane Crash and many many more.

Like to build I have what your looking for with JPipes Quarry Levels and Skill

Want to have a more Role Play experiance come check out the MANY Quests that are available

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