OnePiece Solo Duo

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Server IP
Status Online
Current MapProcedural Map
Last Ping7 minutes 9 seconds ago
Type PVP NA Rust 5x Gather
United States
Last Update27 Mar 2021
Join Date27 Mar 2021

Server Info

[3/26 Wiped] Onepiece - Solo/Duo - Monthly BP! Vanilla

client.connect in console to connect or look up the name.

[[[WIPED 3/26]] Come one, come all - for a true vanilla Rust experience! [[[WIPED 3/26]]

- A true 1x vanilla experience.

- Monthly Blueprint Wipes.4/4/21,5:00

- Weekly Map Wipes.4/30/21,5:00

--Blueprint Wipe was 4/4/21,5:00

--Next Blueprint Wipe : -4/4/21,5:00- Map Wipe Every Saturday : 5 PM CST [Central US]

-- Map Wipe Date Exception : Thursday before Force Wipe (first Thursday of the month)

- No Pay2Win

- Active Non-Playing Admins

- We accept newbs, vets, and the filthy casuals as our map decisions reflect this.

disscord in process

- No more than TWO per team. If caught you will receive a wipe long ban.

Have a safe Journey

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