Toronto s Plateau 2x

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Status Online
Current MapProcedural Map
Last Ping12 minutes 32 seconds ago
Type 2x Gather 2x Smelt
Last Update01 Mar 2021
Join Date24 Feb 2021

Server Info

- NOOB friendly 
-x3 at night
-Low Decay
-Monthly Wipe
-No BP Wipes
- furnace splitter

                    Raiding bases
• We are here to try and keep a nice community • Raiding a player multiple times we'll end up in a warned/banned Chat Rules • Racism/Homophobia/Bigotry will not be tolerated in the chat. • Those consistently using offensive terms in chat will be warned/muted. • Personal attacks in chat will not be allowed. • Set 1 Repeat offenders will be muted • Set 2 Repeat offenders will be banned Toxicity • Toxicity is a part of rust, but excessive toxicity may be muted/banned • Personal attacks will not be tolerated. • This includes being disrespectful to admins or mods. • If you want to report someone in voice chat, please have a recording to send to an admin

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