Le Refuge 3x BiWeek

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Server IP
Status Unknown
Last PingMonitoring disabled
Type 3x Oxide Quick Smelt Private Messager Workbench Anti Cheat Active Admin Voteday Unique Furnace Splitter
United States
Last Update23 Feb 2021
Join Date23 Feb 2021

Server Info

Bonjour! Le Refuge is a 3x QoL vanilla-based server!
We were tired of trying to find a perfect server, so we made our own and looking for 
Our most important features follow:
-Day twice as long, night in half
-Workbench access on TC
-3x Gathering, 2x Sulfur
-AntiCheat, non playing admins
-No TPA, Kits
-Unburnable meat 
-SAMs authorize by TC

Wipe pattern:
-BP Wipe every first Thursday of a month
-Map Wipe every other Thursday or forced update