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Discord Discord
Server IP
Status Unknown
Last PingMonitoring disabled
Type 1000x Gather Active Admin Bgrade Auto Doors Components Custom Loot Battlefield Instacraft Clans Teleport
United Kingdom
Last Update26 Feb 2021
Join Date15 Feb 2021

Server Info

A server intended for vehicle PvP, mini copter training, building, raiding and fun in general.

Weekly Wipe:   Wednesday 4 PM (GMT)
Blueprint Wipe:   NEVER
Gather Rate:   1000x
Loot in boxes and barrels:   C4, Rockets, MGLs, Explosive Rifle Ammo, and more (no default drops)
Ability to spawn a vehicles!

Kits: Raid, Build, Weapons, Mods, Dive, Fun, Car and MORE!

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