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Type 3x PVE Skins bots vehicle airdrops
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Welcome to our little island adventure. Watch for the natives that overrun the small monuments, and the guards and snipers that protect the larger monument's resources. Wipe is twice a month. Purge is the 24 hours before wipe. The help guide is always at /info.!!

Launch & Airfield - Need Tier 3 Weapons/Armor
Water Treatment, Power, and Sewer - Need Tier 2 Weapons/Armor
Trainyard and Small Monuments - Any Tier 1 Weapon will help
The Harbors - Good For Beginners
Custom Heli Tiers - Can Be Bought in game with RP
Custom Bradley - Found At Launch and Airfield

PvE Game Play ~ PvP found at raidable bases and event zones
3X Gather Rate
Custom Bots
Vanilla+ Loot
Vehicle Supply Drops
Instant Craft and Quick Smelt
Blueprint Recycle
Clans and Clans UI
Raidable Base Event
Where & Where TP
Personal Weather & Time
Active Admins, Beginner Friendly
Featured Plugins: 3x Gather, 5x stack, Clans, Clans UI, Teams UI, Shop, custom bots, Furnace Splitter, Personal Weather, Instant Craft, Quick Smelt, Quick Recycle.

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