5x Dog Park


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Status Unknown
Last PingMonitoring disabled, to many fails.
Type 5x Active Support X5 5x Gather Backpacks Noob Friendly Kits Good Server Rust Events Weekly Wipe
United States
Last Update01 Nov 2020
Join Date02 Sep 2020


5x Dog Park server info:
Connection Info:
A list of Some simple plugins to make your rust experience better and more enjoyable
Level 1 BP's unlocked
Treasure hunt Event (paid plugin)
Plane Crash Event (paid plugin)
Instant Craft
Paratrooper Event
Funace Splitter
Quick Smelt
Info panel **/info**
Backpacks** /backpack**
Kits, chat command **/kit**

Vote day **/voteday**
My Ch47 (eligible through VIP purchase)
Sign Artist
Sam site auth (Your same sites don't shoot you if your authorised on TC)
Auto kits, (Spawn with tools other than a rock)

+more swing by and check us out!


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