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Status Unknown
Last PingMonitoring disabled, to many fails.
Type 100x Gather Custom PVP
United Kingdom
Last Update12 Jun 2020
Join Date12 Jun 2020


Server Wipe: biweekly map, monthly BP.

Server Saves: 15 Minutes Automatic

Server Includes: A full custom map

Oxide Plugins -

Anti Spam Names , Arkan, Automatic Authorization.
Backpacks, Better Chat, BetterChat Mute, BetterLoot, BGrade, Bot Names, BotSpawn, Box Sorter Lite, BuriedTreasure, Bypass Queue, BountyNET.
Car Horn, CCUpdateCheck, Clans, Coloured Chat, Crafting Controller.
Death Notes, Discord Call Admin, Discord Core, Discord Group, Discord Players, Discord Status, Discord Rewards, Discord Wipe.
Extended Recycler
Furnace Splitter
Gather Manager
HeliRefuel, HitIcon
Image Library
Loot Bouncer, Loot Multiplier
Magic Panel: Airdrop Panel, Bradley Panel, Cargo Ship Panel, Ch47 Panel, Clock Panel, Crash Panel, Heli Panel, Hostile Panel, Images Panel
Magic Panel: Message Panel, Oil Rig Panel, Players Panel, Radiation Panel, Server Rewards Panel, Wipe Panel.
Minicopter Seating, Movable CCTV.
NoEscape, NTeleportation.
Paratroopers, PlaneCrash, Playtime Tracker, Pound Bot, Pound Bot Raid Alerts, PrivateMessages.
Quick Smelt
Random Respawner, RemoverTool, Rust Map Api, RustNET, RustTanic.
SecurityCameras, SAMSiteAuth, Scrap Heli Storage, SecurityLights, Server Armour, ServerInfo, ServerRewards, Sign Artist, Skins
Skyfall, Stack Size Controller, Super Card
Tebex Donate, TimeOfDay, TownTeleport, Trade, Turret Weapons
Vehicle Licence, VoteRewards
Welcomer, Wipe Info Api

Custom Events:

Planecrash: A cargoplane that will fly low and slow and can be shoot down for tons off loot in form off heli crate and airdrops ( 5/6 off them )

Heli Refuel: A mini-event where a bunch of NPCs are riding around in a patrol helicopter and after a set amount of time need to land to refuel.
When the helicopter lands the NPCs get out of the helicopter, unload some loot boxes and stick around to protect it whilst it is refuelling.
Players can choose to attack the helicopter whilst it has landed to score some loot.

Bounty Hunter: Collect the bounty set by others on a players head.
So are you sick off that offline raider or roofcamper you can now have the server hunt for the person and have him killed.

Buried Treasure: Adds Treasure Maps to game that players can use to locate and find Buried Treasure and Gold.

Paratroopers: Paratroopers Event that deploys from the Cargo Plane at a random area and drops a Hackable crate with them.

RustTanic: Adds a special server event to the Cargo Ship that's on a TITANIC scale.

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