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Type 2x 2x Smelt Vanilla Trio
United States
Last Update05 Jun 2020
Join Date05 Jun 2020


Byrd's Paradise 2x ~ Monthly | Trio Server


2x gather | Monthly Wipes | Staggered Workbenches | Offline Raid Deterrent | and few other QoL mods. mostly vanilla though. Come join!


(We wipe on the first Thursday of every month with the forced update)


Staggered workbenches mean that each workbench opens at a certain number of days.

T1 will be unlocked for the first 5 days of the monthly wipe, then T2 will unlock on the 5th day of server wipe, T3 unlocks on the tenth day of server wipe for the remaining time of the wipe!


We added quick smelt which smelts everything at 2x speed!


The offline deterrent works as follows

First 10 minutes of being offline = 100% raid damage

10-60 minutes = 0% raid damage

1-3 hours = 20% raid damage

3-6 hours = 35% raid damage

6-12 hours = 50% raid damage

12-18 hours = 75% raid damage

18-24 hours = 100% raid damage

48+ hours = 200% raid damage


Offline raiding isn't impossible, it is just harder to encourage online raiding and give a chance to those who can only play a few hours a day

and would like to come back to all their hard work not gone.


We are always looking to improve the server, so if you find any bugs or have any suggestions please speak up! We hope you all enjoy the server!


Rules: No Racism of any kind (text or Voice)

No cheating, hacking or abusing bugs

Max team size of 3, You may be friendly but no more then 3 people in your group

No walling off monuments

Excessive toxicity will not be tolerated ( This is rust, there will be some toxicity)


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