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Type 2x Duo Solo Active Support
United Kingdom
Last Update02 Jun 2020
Join Date02 Jun 2020


Server Settings: 

Max Group Size of 2
2x Resource (Wood/Stone)
1x Scrap - 1.25x Metal Ore
1x Sulfur Ore
0.75x Decay 
Increased stack sizes for resources (2k) and some components 
Shorter nights (10mins)
QoL Mods for everyone 

Furnace Splitter (Splits resources and food automatically into the right amount of stacks)
Quick Sort (Automatic sorting of storage boxes)
Mods for VIP 

SkinBox (Allows putting any skins in the game onto supported items)
Sign Artist (Allows putting image URLs on signposts)
Queue Skip Enhanced cheat/exploit protection!
Please follow the rules below:

English in chat
Max of 2 players authorized on Codes & TCs at all times
Max of 2 players per group
Max of 2 players per base
Max of 2 players roaming /raiding
No Teaming
No allowing a player in your base from another group under any circumstances
No Allies and or Slaves
No hotels / giving away bases (you can abandon a base)
No Racism, Homophobia or Excessive Toxicity
No Advertising
Any form of cheats / hacking is not allowed
Staff have final say, being toxic to staff will get you automatically removed
Any association with a gamebanned rust account

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