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Welcome to Rust Junkie/ Vanilla Rust Bi-Weekly!

Server ip:

We're a server with not many rules and we don't limit how players play the game. We're friendly towards new players and are looking to help players learn how to play the game.

The server wipes Bi-Weekly: Both map and bps wipe so players don't have an advantage over players that arrive on wipe days.

4.2k map size provides us with all the monuments and the ring road so we're not missing out on parts of the game.

100 Player max: A good starting number for a medium sized population to provide a more relaxed play style while also providing room for players to learn and you can always find a fight when you are looking for one.

We only have a few rules.

1. Don't use any types of hacks or cheats.
2. No VAC or EAC (Rust) bans on your main or other account(s).
3. No doxing other player.
4. Do not play with or associate with players violating our rules. Players will be punished as a group.
5. Do not abuse glitches or game bugs such as rock bases, disconnecting / reconnecting to give yourself an advantage. If you are not sure, please ask.
6. No toxicity, racism, cyberbullying or encouraging self harm.

I feel that these rules are being made in the best interest of anyone that plays on the server.

We're looking forward to welcoming anyone that joins!

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