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Status Unknown
Last PingMonitoring disabled, to many fails.
Type vanilla Weekly Wipe byweekly BP Wipe Noob Friendly 247 pvp clan Fun raid streamers
United Kingdom
Last Update25 Apr 2020
Join Date13 Apr 2020


RustHusky - Vanilla Server
To connect directly F1 to open console and paste client.connect

About Our Server
Very strong dedicated server hardware (4.8Ghz CPU / 16gb RAM / M.2 SSD) for smooth experience without lag.
There is NO and never be admin abuse on the server, its one of the reasons this server exists.
Active Admin staff. Administation and moderators don't play on the server.
Nights on our server are bright so you can see something.
Server is hosted in UK.
Daily Events.

Server wipes every Friday at 3pm BST.
BP wipes every 2 weeks.

Join our Discord: for server information / wipe info / updates / more

-Do not report in game chat, this server has discord channel for this matter.
-No Racist slurs towards other person of any kind.
-English when in global chat.
-No Hacking or abusing bugs.
-Do not be overly toxic.

This server is made to experience rust how it should be and most importantly have fun and not to make a profit. Our aim is to build and bring community together. To me RustHusky is a very ambitious project.
Server moderators are very active and will answer your questions also help to resolve any possible problems fast.

If you do end up joining we hope that you will have fun and become our regular member!

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