RustyPotato - Free for All - Solo Only - 2x


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Status Online
Current MapProcedural Map
Last Ping10 minutes 40 seconds ago
Type 2x Wipe Every 2 Weeks Player Kits short nights Quick Smelt plane crash event dangerous treasures event item history solo Zlevels
United Kingdom
Last Update19 Mar 2020
Join Date19 Mar 2020
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Welcome to Rusty Potato - Still a work in progress

Update and Full wipe first Thursday of the month, Map wipe 2 weeks later (2nd April 5PM GMT)

Server Info
- 2x Gather/Increased Stacksize
- Shorter nights/ longer days
- Plane Crash Event
- Dangerous Treasures Event
- Kits
- Levels
- Furnace Splitter
- Death Notes
- Seasonal events
- RustIO live maps
- Ranks
- Windy Airdrop

Coming Soon
- More Events
- VIP Kits and other features

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