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France Rust Server List

Rusty EU UK Uber 5X NoBPs TP Insta LootPlus
Rusticaland Cracked
RustPVEUK PVE Friendly Zombies Cars LowUpkeep
Rebelion Romania
ESP EU CalvitosWeed
03 10 Rusty EU UK 3X Solo Duo Trio 2Week TP Loot E
Rusty Bananas EU no bp wipes Solo Duo
EU Rusty Legion 2x Vanilla-ish FULL WIPE
Rustyplay 2X MAX5 4 Vanilla 2x Loot Wiped
EU PvP 3xG Kits LvL Loot and more
EU AKT Rust EU 10x
RustyTeaPot 2x Eu
Rostig 3x Vanilla
EU Rusty Salt 2x Solo Duo Trio 3 Vanilla 2x - BWIPED 5 10 4 days
FR Poilus Wipe 03 10 19 NoR insta craft and no decay
Rusty Geckos Solo Duo 50 Upkeep Decay
CombatTag s PvServer Europe - Custom
FR EU L incRust x3 Solo Duo Trio Wipe 03.10
EU PvE 3xG Kits Town Shop and more
EU Knights-Table 1 x2 Insta Loot Wiped 5 day
EU Alcatraz - 5x No BPs Loot Clans Kits 6 Vanilla 2x Solo Duo Trio BWIPE
EU RustyVikings 1000x Clans TP Home ZLvl QS IC SR
EASY SERVER Loot Bonus Cars Treasure 03 10 Mont
Played for Life PVP Arène Tp Eco
Franco-Rust x10
Knights Table 1 EAC 2x zLevels Clans Home
BXR s Ace Combat Minicopter Weapon Attachments
Rustonia - 2X - MAX 5 - FULLWIPED 06.10 NOW
Rust Factions R-Pv-Roleplay
FR EU Axel Gaming Last Wipe 03 10 - Next Wipe
EU UK RustOps 1 Vanilla WIPED
DEG ZUCHTHAUS 24h 2xStack 2xLoot NoWipes disco
Rocky Rust SOLO 3X
Eu OLYMPUS x10000 Battlefield PVP
03 10 RustyNuts UK EU 3x TP Kits Events Group4 Loo
EU RUSTOPIE - NoFreekill NoRaidOff
RedbullRust EU Solo Duo 2X Gather 3X Scrap 5 3x Vanilla Solo Duo Trio No TP
EU Rusty Salt 10x Solo Duo Trio
RedbullRust Vanilla x2 Solo Duo WIPED 06.10
EU RustyVikings 10x Loot Clans TP Home ZLvl QS
FR LPM X10 - 1 week NoBP InstantCraft 03
Slovenia Small we are 3.10.2019 only solo