Website Qwertyscape.com
Discord Discord
Version 317
Type Old School OSRS 317 Eco Server Gambling Grand Exchange WorldEvents Giveaways
Last Update26 Dec 2022
Join Date26 Dec 2022


Play Now: https://www.dropbox.com/s/k6m42pv4cxuzzed/QwertyScape-Launcher.jar?dl=1




Gambling Upgrade System
Friendly and outgoing staff and community
Community based server striving to ensure absolute eye-opening experience
Custom and made from scratch Discord server
Custom launcher and automatic updater client
Secure and Encrypted Login and password system
Custom Game Mode system which includes but not limited to Normal, Rogue, Ironman, Rogue Ironman and many more!
Custom AFK area designed for when you’re away from your computer (Comes with AFK point system to use points on AFK shop)
Double XP Weekends, Daily automatic rewards and voting rewards
Unique referral system that gives automatic rewards
Custom home containing all shops, skills and tips to help your progress
Sell Everything store
Different chest used for Porazdir, Hunnlef, Seren and Hespori keys obtained by random spawn
Unique teleport system containing teleportation to monsters, bosses, wilderness, skilling, minigames, cities and donator zones.
Custom Skill zone
Custom Donator Zone
OSRS Bosses such as Zulrah, Nightmare, Serene and many more!
Stackable items
God Wars Dungeon, Pest Control, Castle Wars, Mage Training Arena
Fight Pits, Fight caves, Duel arena, Barrows
Raids 1-2-3
and so much more…