Frost Citadel


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Версия 3.3.5a
Тип Blizzlike PvE Only Battlegrounds Arenas Dungeons Friendly Staff Fun Realm Transmogrifier
Последнее обновление31 Aug 2020
Дата регистрации08 Jul 2020


Frost Citadel

it's a NEW WoW Server WOTLK

focus on PvE content

Welcome Bonus for the first 100 new players! (Istant 70)

6x - XP

3x - Profession

3x - Gold

3x - Reputation

Xp Boost on weekend

Trasmogrifier enabled

vote shop only for pet / mount / change race and faction

no item shop / no pay per win

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Frost Citadel (img 33680) World of Warcraft частные server | TopG
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Frost Citadel (img 33554) World of Warcraft частные server | TopG

Change Logs
09 Jul 2020

Open in Beta now!

22 Jul 2020

Added Anti-Cheat 

Added Trasmogrifier NPC in Dalaran, near Token Items Vendor

29 Jul 2020

Welcome Bonus for the first 100 new players!

A fantastic welcome bonus for the first 100 new players!
we give you:
- 2000 gold
- 1 PG instant 70
- 4 x 16 slot bags
and more! read the news from the website for more information how to obtain the Welcome Bonus!

04 Aug 2020


now the bonus includes also a set of blue lvl 70 items to make levelling much easier
the new gift it was already send by email to all the Account

31 Aug 2020

Upgrade the server with cross Faction chat and groups

First release of Character Armory it's on line!

need GM for session of some hours during the day and testing istance and bg

Need moderator for the forum