Star Wars Galaxies A

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Версия Jump to Lightspeed Trials of Obi Wan Rage of the Wookiees
Тип NGE Space Rare Loot System Ground Rare Loot System Events Custom Content Veteran System Rage of the Wookiees Jedi Trials Elder Robes
United States
Последнее обновление14 Nov 2019
Дата регистрации18 Apr 2019

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SWG Ascendancy Website


SWG Ascendancy Application


SWG Ascendancy Discord



Ready to install the game?

You can start by filling out an application at the link posted above. Once approved and you're on Discord, check under Announcements tab to find a links and instructions to install our full game client and its latest patch. It's completely free and easy to install!


Brief Overview

- Six Character Slots (All six characters can be logged in at the same time!)

- Friendly and Helpful Community

- Fast & Friendly CSR Support

- Custom Buffs & Experience Bonuses

- Frequent Updates & Events

- Jump to Lightspeed Working and improved

- Rage of the Wookiees Working

- Trials of Obi-Wan Working

- Custom Content Roadmaps (Coming Soon)

- Many previous bugs from live and other servers are fixed.



 In-Game Content

- Space Rare Loot System

- Space Updates, Including Kash Nunes price adjustments, duty tokens adjustments, and space resources adjusted.

- Space Collections are now repeatable

- Shipwrights can now utilize factories to craft space parts

- Adjustments for ground Rare Loot System

- Refer a Friend Program Actiavted (Free LvL 90 / Exp Bonus Chip)

- Veteran Reward System Activated

- Custom Veteran Reward Vendor & Token System

- Updates & Adjustments to Expertise Skill Trees

- Jedi Elder Robes for Dark & Light Side Trials *Custom Content* (New)

- TCG implmented in loot drops - vendors - and content such as mustafar / kashyyyk / treasure maps / bounty hunter missions etc. (New)



Key Quality of Life Changes:


Buff reuse timers and durations have been adjusted.

TCG Familiars now have stats!

Named backpacks now have stats!

Medic buff base durations have been increased!

Entertainer Buff Builder has been improved to decrease the amount of points used in core stats from 10 points to 5 points.

Trader Expertise reworked and updated, Harvester and Factory lines have been improved along with RE expertise adjusted and moved.


ALL accounts with receive the following items

* x2 Free level 90 Character from Jedi Shrines

* Free level 90 from /refer a friend program

* Free Cybernetic Experience Chip from /refer a friend program

* 100 Veteran reward tokens initially and then 1 per day (Not including bonuses)

* BARC Speeder & Varactyl

* Mustafarian Bunker & Lave Flea

* Tirals of Obi-Wan Transport Skiff

* X-wing / TIE Fighter ITV

* AT-RT Walker Vehicle

* Instant Travel Royal Ship Reward ITV

* Tsmeu-6 Personal Wheel Bike


We're committed to quality and community at SWG Ascendancy! We have BIG plans for the future of our server and we're looking for people to help us grow! Please consider joining us and becoming apart of our community!