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Тип Custom Content Dedicated Community Focus Solo Small Group Bio Engineer Revamp Roleplay Custom Loot Custom Dungeons Discord Integration
United States
Последнее обновление03 Feb 2020
Дата регистрации14 Apr 2019


We are a small group and solo experience server, with a staff that is actively focused on providing a fun, realistic roleplay environment. Our development team implements new content geared towards a realistic Star Wars experience.

We want players to have the base game they love, with some quality of life adjustments to make their time in game much more rich and fulfilling.

Our staff are also huge fans of the game and the world of Star Wars in general – there is lots of passion and energy on the team!


What do you love about SWG?

PVE/PVP Combat & Exploration?

Buffs are much, much lower than you will find on other servers. Medical services terminals can be found in every NPC city. Multiple options are offered, some free, some more expensive. Reduced buffs makes content a lot harder, and you need to actively manage your secondary stats through stat migration and food/drink in order to be most successful in combat. “C” and “D” crafted doctor buffs have been completely eliminated.
Armor crafting has been changed so that all standard armors are made with composite segments, and can be made to the same stats, given sufficiently good resources. What you wear is up to your personal aesthetic.
RIS and Factional armor (which can be crafted from schematics purchased from recruiters) have Stun resistance, and RIS is a top-of-the-line armor.
Bounty Hunter armor (craftable from loot drop schematics) and Mandalorian Armor (craftable from loot drop schematics, taking BH armor as a component) both have lightsaber resistance.
Camps are useable by all professions, and have a variety of useful terminals in them for access to city amenities while on-the-go. Camps also provide a bonus to resource sampling!
Star Tours Adventure Service lets you travel from any NPC starport, or High Tech Field Base camp, to a variety of dungeons and POIs instantly for a fee.
MANY dungeons have been revamped to be more challenging and drop better loot. NGE weapon schematics and sub-components drop from unique dungeons.
Stims heal mind, in addition to health and action. Gone are the days of attack the mind to win at PvP. You can now compete on a more level playing field with your chosen profession rather than being forced into one of the overpowered templates.
Speeder speeds and creature mount speeds have been normalized at the same speeds. Ride/drive whatever you want. CU/NGE speeders are loot drop schematics. AV-21s and jetpacks are the exception, being faster than the rest, as will be podracers (coming in future).
You are now free from the chains of solo groups! You can get missions in whatever levels you choose, while grouped or ungrouped, by using a radial menu on mission terminals. As such, XP rate on Tarkin’s Revenge is 2x, whether you are in a group or not.
Custom-named trophies for Jedi or faction PvP kills.
We have only two faction options: Special Forces, and On-Leave. You must be player-attackable in order to kill Faction NPCs.
Commandos have a whole range of DoT weapons, available as loot drop schematics.
Custom component drops in line with tissues, bones, and hides for weapons and armor, available in select revamped dungeons.


Tarkin offers a no-grind start for your crafter. We want you to get to doing what you love – creating items. You can get crafting skills from a Skill Trainer NPC, located near the starports of our major cities.
One second craft times for tools and factories. Don’t spend all your time waiting.
1,000 item factory crates, 10,000 item factory schematics.
Ten million unit stacks for resources. (Housing item limits are 500 items per lot, so you can conceivably store your workshop resources in the same building as your storefront – what?!)
Hundreds of CU and NGE weapon, armor, and vehicle schematics, available as loot drops inside custom dungeons.
Heavy harvesters have been disabled, but small and medium harvesters have had their BER and hopper capacity greatly increased.
You can craft items with colored text in the name.
Resource deeds (5000 units) are rare loot drops.
Custom palettes, unique to Tarkin’s Revenge, have been added for many pieces of clothing, armor, vehicles, and pets.
Bazaar & vendor listing times have been increased to 1 year, max price for bazaar is the same as vendors, and increased bazaar max listing to 100 items. It’s now more convenient for those who don’t wish to invest in Merchant to sell items from a bazaar terminal.
Merchants receive an email when an item is offered to their vendor.


Architects will find they can craft many more items, both as part of native schematics and available through a variety of looted deco schematic drops (many with multiple styles and uses). This includes additional bed options, rugs (so many rugs!), lots of plant life and some truly lovely seating and table options!
Hundreds of decorative NGE items have been implemented, as loot drops in our revamped dungeons. So many things… hunting trophies, new fish, loot kit items, paintings, the list goes on and on.
Borrie’s Wall Pack and our own custom doors and floors are all craftable by architects. Yes, you CAN have a tiled kitchen or wall-to-wall carpeted bedroom.
All NGE houses have been added to the game! All are crafted by architects from schematics. Most are available as loot drop schematics in our custom dungeons, some are found inside locked containers, and others are Veteran Rewards.
Housing item limits are 500 items per lot.
Pitch / Yaw / Roll is in effect for your decorating needs. To use, type "/rotate pitch 90" (for example).


Community and interaction has long been one of the things that those who love SWG have mentioned as one of the things they loved most in the game. We work hard to build that same atmosphere of friendship, conversation, friendly rivalry and interaction on Tarkin’s Revenge.
Player cities as you know them do not exist on Tarkin’s Revenge. There are currently three cities you can settle in – Coronet, Theed, and Mos Entha. This is one of our defining features - you can build your house right INSIDE the city! More cities may open up as population levels demand. We want players to run into one another and interact. We also have a friendly, fun galaxy chat in addition to an active Discord.
Entertainer professions are zero skill points. You can be your chosen template AND a musician, dancer, or image designer. Or all of the above!
Mind buffs are still greatly sought by our players – but you don’t have to spend all day in the cantina to meet their needs. A bracelet is all you need to buff anywhere, anytime as a dancer/musician.


Roleplay is actually welcome and encouraged on Tarkin’s Revenge.
Armor recolor works for all armor palettes, allowing you to customize.
Image design being a zero point profession means you can change your lipstick color, get a haircut, pull your hair into a ponytail, dye your hair or make other cosmetic changes without hassle!

Jedi system is the Village, standard 4-week cycles.
Jedi are intentionally not “Alpha” on Tarkin’s Revenge. They are very much a PvP “hunted by the Empire” class.
Visibility required to get on the terminals has been greatly decreased. The key to a successful Jedi on Tarkin’s Revenge is “keep it secret, keep it safe.”
Visibility is not generated by fellow player Jedi, only by NPCs and non-Jedi players.
Saber Block is ineffective while knocked down, and likelihood of saber blocking has been reduced by 50% while intimidated.
This is just the beginning of your new Star Wars story... give us a try, you won’t be disappointed.

Change Logs
03 Aug 2019

[Revamped] Ormachek for a duration-based XP increase
[Added] The rest of the NGE houses into the regular loot tables
[Fixed] Zucca Boar pcd
[Fixed] One type of Smuggled Bantha Ivory to use the correct template
[Fixed] a lair string reference
[Added] 44 new mounts, modified saddle point and tack on some existing mounts

[Increased] PSG durability considerably

[Added] Junk Shop Owner to sell palette posters

[Added] Palette Posters
[Added] Mission level & direction choice to faction mission terminals

[Increased] Character count to 5 -happy wedding gift to all our players!