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Тип Auto Events Balanced Battle Arena Cap 120 D13 Daily Events New Skills PvP Play 2 Win
Последнее обновление04 May 2020
Дата регистрации04 May 2020



We are happy to introduce Destruction Online to you .
We worked on that project for months to deal and balance between (old school Players and the new school players ) that was a hard thing to do
so here on destruction our main goal was and will always be providing a game-play where anyone can have fun and enjoy his free time !


Server Type PVP
Degree/Cap 13/120
Race CH/EU
Mastery (CH/EU) 480/240
Main items Dg 13 Sun For 1 Gold
PC limit 3
Server capacity 2000
Start level 120
Start SP 0 No need for it
Start Gold 50.000.000
Guild limit 32
Mobs Disabled
Union Disabled
Alchemy System Disabled
Capture the Flag working per hour
Battle Arena working per hour
Auto Events working per hour
Main Town Jangan
Fortress Jangan Only
Game World All towns
Guild Start Level 5
Silk/Hour 30 silk



What is the balance between CH/ EU.
Well beside the new skills for CH we changed the CH Skills DMG
so the ch players gain more phy / dmg rate so far as same as eu .

Max Stack.
We've increased stacks to 10k for everything coins and etc .

Why would you play our server?.
Well we know that every day there's like 10 new severs online but ,
if you are that kind of players who wants only to spend his free time at somewhere where everything is FREE then don't read the rest of the topic hit that download link now mate but , if you seek for donation server
well seek for another .

How to get Coins?.
for now we have only 2 kind of coins
Arena coins and Gold coins
Arena coins : from Arena Manager and from all uniques at game (we have alot xD)
Gold Coins : From CTF ( by win not kill ) also from the daily events also from uniques
Silk : from the auto events we have more than 6x working events
also you can get 30 silk per 1 online player.

Job System?.
**Up coming updates for that system stay turned

You can get your weapons from , your set and your accessory & Advanced Elixirs from Our new NPc's all for 1 gold at Jangan.

you can get building scrolls and all other scrolls from 1 gold from VIP NPC at Jangan .

Server delays
function Delay time
Exchange 10 sec.
Global 10 sec.
Exit 10 sec.
Stall 10 sec.

As we mentioned before we disabled the alchemy system since there's no need for it at a [PvP] server

As same as isro original locations and added our weekly unique rank only working on them so beside the new uniques which drops coins you have to hunt normal unqiues if you wanted to be on our weekly unqiues rank

we added alot of both str and int uniques to make both str and int players alike

Where to find them ?
at every reverse spot you will find a unique
MEDUSA DROP 4 TO 5 GLOBAL it's original system you can find it at B5
Destruction uniques

You can find all of that at jangan
New Rooms

Survival Event
Challenge System

Battle Arena is working every hour at Destruction
Winners take : 50 Arena Coins
Losers take : 25 Arean Coins

for now it's 1 kill get 1 gold coin (with anti cheat system)
going to be changed t the upcoming update

With our Daily reward system you will get a random reward for everyday you login the game you can get ( Coins-Silk- Silk scrolls)

it's a new event where the most online player on our server get's a reward the more he stays online per days the more he can get
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