VengeanceWoW TBC 2.4.3 Open Source Volunteer


КатегорияWorld of Warcraft
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Версия 2.4.3 TBC The Burning Crusade
Тип Progressive Blizzlike No Donor Scripted Instances Progression Open Source PvE Only PVP Scripted Friendly Staff
Последнее обновление03 Jun 2018
Дата регистрации06 May 2018
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Launched Jun 17, 2016
Unofficial Flagship Realm of CMaNGOS-TBC
Requires 2.4.3 WoW game client to play (set realmlist
PvE, Progressive, Blizzlike, Pre-Nerf
Current Simulated Patch - 2.0.3
1-4x EXP rate for levels 5-58
1-2x EXP rate for levels 58-70
Instant level 58 feature available - see guide here!

We are a group of enthusiasts and fanatics who love older, nostalgic versions of World of Warcraft. While our current focus is on TBC content, we're also interested in Vanilla, TBC, and WotLK emulation efforts as a whole. 

This is why we directly contribute to, and are official maintainers of, the open source CMaNGOS project. We want to see CMaNGOS continue to be built and succeed in providing a platform for those who wish to relive their own experiences. Since 2014, Vengeance of Azeroth (VoA) has served as a real-world test bed for a plethora of CMaNGOS fixes and reworks. It has enabled acceleration in CMaNGOS development which no other private server project has done on the same scale before.

VoA never boasted a gigantic population nor rapid release of new raid tiers. Our goal has always been to provide a stable, accurate, honest, and fun place to play for anyone around the world. The reason why our Devs, GMs, Contributors, and many of our most devoted long-term players have stuck with us is because they understand our goal and want to help us achieve it.

Come and find your home with us today.
Create an account on and follow this getting started guide!

To learn more about contributing, please feel free to contact any staff member on Discord.

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