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Версия 718 742
Тип Economy Drygores Custom Bosses Prestige System Gamemodes Grand Exchange Bank Tabs
United States
Последнее обновление15 Aug 2017
Дата регистрации09 Apr 2017

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Hi guys! We're a brand new 718 loading 742 server with great custom features looking to build a community. Here are some more features: Server Features All skills working
Malevolent, Sirenic, Tectonic
Seismic wand
Ascension crossbow
Player owned shops
Dungeoneering system
Prestige system with display
Grand Exchange
Custom bosses
Dwarf multi cannon
Squeal of Fortune
QBD, Bork, GWD, Glacors, Nomad
Double XP Scrolls
Charm magnet (Auto pickup charms like Charming Imp)
Drygores and offhand
Client Features Zoomable (shift + scroll)
Shift drop (shift + click)
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Change Logs
12 Apr 2017

Hi everyone! Today we introduced client-r6:

  • Show outdated client message properly for future updates.
  • Shift-click dropping has been implemented.

In addition, we made some changes to the server as well:

  • Drop rates for a lot of monsters have been reworked (GWD bosses, Glacors, KBD, Kalphite Queen, etc.). Check them out on our drop table:
  • Slayer tower teleport has been added to Kuradel's dialog options.
  • Double XP scrolls have been added as a reward for prestiging.
  • Bug with falconry has been addressed.
  • Avatar of Creation and Avatar of Destruction have been made multi-combat zones.

Let us know if you have any questions or bugs regarding these changes!