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Change Logs
19 Feb 2018

Major Magic Updates:
- All wand vendors have been updated to SimpleShops
- The Holy and Unholy questlines beyond Nauru are no longer linked with the "Mole of Beswin" questline - it is now impossible to choose the "wrong" path when unlocking wand merchants
- New Holy magic questline: "Land of the Valderkal"
- New Unholy magic questline: "Corruption in the West"
(Holy/Unholy magic users who have already completed the old Beswin magic quests should visit their respective wand vendor in Nauru (Vargoth/Devereaux) to receive the new quest.)


Minor New Player Fix:
- Fixed a bug where new player recruitment was rewarding towns after only a minute of them being recruited. (Whoops)
- Added new player keep on death for 24 hours after joining. Doesn't count for PvP kills however.


Monday QoL Updates:
- A Grand Exchange has been added to Port Qi'Shen
- A Grand Exchange has been added to Eastwind
- Smuggler NPCs have been updated to SimpleShops


3 more Grand Exchanges added:
- The Crossing
- Yukrovia
- Cirilia