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Статус Online
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Версия 1.7 1.12.2 1.14.4
Тип Survival Economy Community PvP Custom Enchants MCMMO Crates Prison Events
Последнее обновление06 Oct 2019
Дата регистрации22 Aug 2017
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SkyPrison Legacy

  SkyPrison Legacy is a server like no other. While this server is now survival, the old SkyPrison server is still up for frequent visits.

 When you join SkyPrison Legacy, you will get to experience a new type of survival world with its unusual terrain and biome generations. As you seek to venture into the wilderness, astonishment, and wonder will occupy your mind. May you build the most epic house, become the richest player, become the ultimate collector of special items, recruit the best team or become the top dog in your McMMO leveling, the choices are endless and up to you!

  Join this unique survival server with a friendly community and lots of unique events like Sky PvP and Gravel, hidden secrets, parkours, paintball and more!

* PVP, Events, Secrets, and Giveaways!*

* McMMO, Crates, Custom Enchantments, Custom Structures, 200+ Biomes and more!

Visit for forums, rules, and more information!

Join our Discord community today!


View our SkyPrison Memory video to relive the past here!

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