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 Sinister is a great server where all players have a wide choice in jobs vehicles and places to base and make money.  We have a lively and active staff who will attempt to help you and make your time fun and rdmer free. players may apply for staff on our site but you must make the requirements to be accepted.  Yes at the moment the server is small but all servers start out this way once enough players join the more fun and bigger our server will grow so please join our server help us all out and have a great time playing with all the players.   You start your time on the server with 25k enough to buy some printers and add some upgrades then make even more money to buy a car and then make transportation a breeze.  

Change Logs
02 Feb 2016

+ Means added
- Means removed
! Means bugged
* Means fixed
^ Means temp


Jobs that will be added

+Taxi Driver
+Cult Members/Leader
+Hobo Lord
+Black Market Dealer (WIP)
+Drug Dealer (WIP)
+Small Citizen (Climb Swep)
+SWAT Leader
+Secret Service
+Mayors Daughter
+SWAT Jugg Playermodel
*More cars (VIP and non-VIP)
*Will be changing VIP cars to a different dealer.
*Change the Hitman System
*Change The MOTD Style
*Different Tab Menu
*Fixed Miner (Money Problem)