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Версия 1.14.3 1.4.4
Тип Survival Towny MCMMO Slimefun PVP Economy Jobs Ranks Dynmap Wars
United States
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For over the past half-decade, server owner ChickensBurning has been diligently developing a series of balanced, secure, and riveting Minecraft servers. These servers have garnered a strong, tight-knit following over the years that gives a sense of community rarely seen in Minecraft.

ChickensBurning’s latest project is a player developed Towny survival server; BlockKingdom. BlockKingdom offers an active & solid playerbase, while introducing a new, fresh, and exciting feel to your Minecraft experience!

Grind and level-up with MCMMOs, an RPG plugin that adds powerful abilities to the game, or maybe expand your tech-tree and create new machines and tools with the Slimefun plugin. Conquer the wilderness and create the settlement of your dreams with the Towny plugin, and invite your friends to expand your nation!

You want a plugin that BlockKingdom does not have? No problem! BlockKingdom’s server files are open to the public for review and recommendations on GitHub off of the server’s official website; Just simply access the files or contact one of our friendly admins on the BlockKingdom official discord.

Enjoy the optimal Minecraft experience, and welcome to BlockKingdom!

Connect Now


The BlockKingdom Network is currently seeking talented builders! Talent can be in the form of many things, so if you at all think that you have something to offer I urge you to go apply now! To apply simply create an application following our template that is listed under "Apply" on our forums and tell us a little about yourself and what your building talents are. Once you do that hop on our server and connect with and type /server creative to head onto our Creative server. Once there grab a plot and inform one of our staff members that you would like to show off your building skills.