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Текущая картаThe Exiled Lands
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Последнее обновление17 Jan 2021
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As an exile, you face the hardest trials, free yourself from the past, gather your allies and conquer your place in the world. Be prepared for what is to come, many will attempt to drag you down once again, so set your base defenses and stay alert. But do not worry too much, your foes won't be too hard and not too easy. Besides, you may always find an helping hand in moments of need.

Please, follow our rules ingame and in the server's discord, help us improve the quality of the server by suggesting changes and reporting bugs. We'll be waiting for ya and wish you the best of luck in your adventure through the Exiled Lands!

- The Battlehorns Staff.

Features PvE, Age of the Calamitous, EEWA, RP friendly, Player based market, 18+ Content
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Features achieved through mods and server's tweakings
* Stamina consumption has been changed;
* Encumbrance values has been changed;
* Crafting time build has been decreased exponentially;
* Food decay time has been changed;
* Lock-on has been enabled;
* Auto-target has been disabled;
* No items loss on death;
* Avatars have been enabled for 2 minutes;
* Day-time increased & night-time decreased;
* Purge has been set to lv.6 and has 15 minutes of prep and 30 minutes duration;
* Purge triggering speed has been fastened;
* Build decay system ehas been disabled;
* Deepened character's appearance customization (shift + m);
* Deepened gear's appearance customization and weapon positioning on the character;
* PvE w/ the exception of Outposts;
* Cap lv.300, new feats, up to 100 attribute;
* Up to 2 followers at a time and customizable appearance;
* Customizable building colouring;
* Custom marketplace at F3;
* Custom coliseum at F5;
* Custom armors & weapons;
* Custom warps and commands;

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