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Версия 1.8.x 1.9.x 1.10.x 1.11.x 1.12.x 1.13.x 1.14.x
Тип Economy No Lag Quests BungeeCord Duels Custom Prison Opprison Unique Prison Prison Op Prison
United States
Последнее обновление03 May 2019
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Bandit Prison is an OP Prison Server that has many unique features such as custom enchants, custom plugins, supported by an outgoing community with a great staff team. Our staff team is constantly working at It's best to provide a great experience with new features, fantastic builds, custom enchants, and so much more!
- Frequent Updates
- Frequent Events (Envoys/Koths/MineParties/DPs)
- Balanced Eco
- Growing Playerbase
- Custom Enchants
- Custom Rankup Plugin
- Top Voter Rewards
- Community Goals
- Custom /ce + Crate Rewards
- Duels with ELO ratings and Leaderboards
- Custom Multipliers and Selling System
- PvP Warps
- Shards
- Quest Scrolls
- Merchant Shops
- Unique Anti-Cheat

Along with many more unique features coming!
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