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We are a community that strives to create something more and to feel the freedom in what some one can do. Not by giving them everything and allowing someone create the Almighty-st thing out there but giving them the limited resources to create the best with what they got. We hope to allow players to see what they can do with almost everything and not already per say giving them the hammers or nails but the resource to create such thing. Making them feel more appreciated of their work.If you wish to donate to our cause then the donation system is here.If you wish to join the community then go here.Download our server content here.Forum here.Website here._______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Current Content:
Economy,ARC-Bank,Updated 3-D Car Dealer(Currently Out of the server in tell we switch to a vehicle based map.),Chess, and Checkers,ARC-Slots,Door Display,Meth Cooking,Government Vehicle Station (Currently Out of the server due to some vehicles not being supported.),Fire System,Advanced arresting and Bailing System,Enforcer,Item-store,Lottery System both of the mayors and real time lottery,NLR-SystemOrganizations,Pimp-System,Realistic Player Damage,R Phone and one of its Add-on,Custom Advanced Printers,RX Slot Machines,Sickness Government Vehicles Package(Removed due to add-on storage size.),Pick Pocketing System,All of VC-Mod(Currently Out of the server in tell we switch to a vehicle based map.),Player Controlled Radio Stations, and TV,Arcade Machines, like Clicker Heroes and many many others.Drones,Food Mod 2,Oil Mining,and with many custom features to come.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Then the additional Steam Work shop content.
And thanks for all the help you give and the interest you have in us for our idea.Sincerely,PsychoPL, and Hayblood._______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Change Logs
09 Jul 2015
Fixed vehicle spawn bug, Hacker improved, More cars, balanced M9K weapons(Took most op weapons out.), Emergency vehicles added, New costume food mod with foods added, Like: Burgers and fries, Bacon, Salads, Pizzas, Eggs, Twinkies, Ribs, and more... We hope to improve a lot over the time to come. So come take a look and see whats here.
09 Jul 2015
Deleted some unneeded downloads(Helps with download time.), Added RDM manager, Added custom hit menu to use type !hitmenu, Blocked unwanted props,
09 Jul 2015
Updated NLRSystem, Added Oil Add-on. Will polish later to day. Added Casino Add-on. Will polish later to day.
09 Jul 2015
Job Oil Miner added, Oil Miner Equipment models polished for immersion(More realistic.), Casino NPC added in Casino(Card NPC=Black Jack/Other Card Games.).
09 Jul 2015
Server ready for game-play. Look to next week for an update to the server. All Add-ons working and stable. The server is neat and not bugged, If you see any problems post on the PsychoPL forums and we'll get to it at 3:00PM-9:00PM EST. Then fix or get rid of the problem. We hope for you to enjoy the server and make it worth your time. So have fun and experience what you wish, and thanks again for anything you've done to help. Ether playing, joining, suggesting, or sharing the server with your friends. You have helped a lot.
10 Jul 2015
Patched Connection Issue.
13 Jul 2015
Decreased Workshop content(Faster Download time upon joining.), Switched Maps because of missing textures for players, Removed cars and car dealers, All may not be permanent.
18 Jul 2015
Removed cars, Switched to a better map, Updated scripts and other add-ons, More to come.
18 Jul 2015
Updated Shipments.
20 Jul 2015
Decreased the amount of Add-ons like: VCmod, All Cars, and any non small map related add-ons. Updated the weather system to a different type of add-on. Lastly updated HUD features because of outdated scripts.
20 Jul 2015
Patched HUD issue with outdated content, Adding new Job Joker from Batman(Batman is already in.), Updating forums, and other content to come.
21 Jul 2015
Updated Vip jobs to allow more user jobs. Polished map and server content.
25 Jul 2015
1. Polished Weapons for better pricing. Will need to update HUD for shipments and weapons to debug. 2. Polished Money Printers(Raised Price) becuase of lowerd weapon/Shipment prices. 3. Updated Hackers phone for better game-play(Has a useful and better hacking ability). 4. Added pointshop, will add more items and pointshop materail soon. 5. Fixed SWAT and Police arrest issue(SWAT & Police can still kill)
27 Jul 2015
1. Added light medium and heavy buy-able Armour. 2. Add Joker job. 3. Polished Job descriptions. 4. Polished MOTD Information.
12 Oct 2015
Server has now just been updated to Run as of the final version. The server is at a 16 player base. In tell the players start joining we will not raise the amount. We hope to update and add new features, but we will need support to do so. So if you like our server. Then hit the vote up button, if not then dislike with the opinion stating what we can do to make it better. Finally thanks for all who've join we wish you a happy upcoming Halloween.