Canyon Mountain 2x

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Тип 2x 2x Gather 2x Loot 2x Smelt Active Admins
Расположение United States
Последнее обновление12 Jun 2022
Дата регистрации12 Jun 2022


Welcome to Canyon Mountain! Hosted on the mk7 discord network, we are a small community striving to grow our player base and meet new friends. Our servers are hosted on a dedicated machine, ensuring the best quality of connection while playing on our servers. 

Server Features:

- Active Staff
- Remover Tool
- 2x Resources
- Better Loot
- Raid Protection
- Auto build upgrader
- Skin shop with hundreds of skins
- /voteday
- Furnace Splitter
- More Recyclers
- Instant Craft
- Kits
- Quick Smelt
- Quick Sort
- Skip queue(for VIP)
- No BP wipe on biweekly wipes

This server wipes the map and player inventories on the first and 16th of each month!
We are actively hiring, please see the discord server to apply.