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Тип 3x 2x pve pvp zones pvp
Последнее обновление21 Jan 2022
Дата регистрации15 Jan 2022


+ PVE server without wipe, always updated, with PVP zones, Vanilla with build stack and resources at X3.
+ Active Administrators.
+ Automatic and manual events created by the Administrator.

In Umbrella Corps you will find:

- Hidden missions all over the map
- Cab
- GTA style cell phone
- 4 Oil Platforms linked together with parkour (In addition to those already existing by the game)
- The great Egyptian Pyramid
- Spawn by Airplane with parachute jump (Battle Royal style)
- Monuments with puzzles
- Underwater construction zone
- PVP and PVE Raidable Bases
- Airdrops
- Clan system
- Player Ranking
- Daily gifts
- Fallout Style Bunker
- Special Monuments, Giant Spider, Cairn Lord, PVP City, etc...
- Floating constructions in water with netting system
- Multiple quests to choose from to complete and earn unique skins
- Skin Workshop
- Posters with customizable images
- Parachutes
- Diseases
- Helicopter Attack Call
- The Purge
- Advertising for your Store
- Sounds, Music on the server
- Drones with storage to send to other players
- PVP Monument Escape from Tarkov
- Meteorites
- Night Zombies with Hordes
- Zombie death and resurrection of the player
- Constantly evolving map to offer fun and new features to the player and much more...