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Тип 5x Gather Anti Cheat Custom Plugins Anti Offline Raid Friendly Biweekly Wipes Low Pop PVP Friends
United States
Последнее обновление05 Nov 2021
Дата регистрации05 Nov 2021


Welcome to The New Beginning! We are a community with multiple servers across multiple games. This one being Rust!
We are a friendly bunch who want to create gameservers that people will enjoy and invest time in!


What does The New Beginning offer?
> Anti-Offline Raiding - Never be raided whilst you're offline whilst at work ever again!

> Custom Homes GUI Interface

> Custom Teleport GUI Interface

> Notifications on incoming helis, drops etc

> Specialised Kits for you to enjoy

> Remover tool - easily remove unwanted platforms, walls, etc

> Item skins - Freely chose your favourite skin to apply to your items and clothing.

> Leveling system - Level up your woodcutting, etc

> 5X+ loot - Receive 5X the amount of wood and other loot you pick up. Plus, with our levelling system, you can earn more than 5X loot!

> High stack sizes - 100,000 to be exact.

> Furnace Splitter - Automatically split your wood and low grade fuel etc for efficiency and faster smelt times.

> CCTV Cameras - One of our custom plugins - allows you to place a CCTV camera outside your base and view it LIVE from wherever you are in the map.

> Sign Artist - Add pictures and text to your wooden signs.

> Item Skin Randomizer - Adds a random workshop skin to any item you craft that is skinnable. Reskin using /reskin command in-game.

All these amazing plugins, plus more not even mentioned with even more being added daily to increase the fun-factor!

So why not join us and give us a whirl?


Don't forget to join our Discord! - https://www.discord.ggyYhuA5N