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Тип 5x Gather Better loot Remove mymini tp Set Home vip kits Instacraft cargo
United Kingdom
Последнее обновление04 Apr 2020
Дата регистрации04 Apr 2020


Welcome to ClubRust EU

We are a Solo/Duo/Trio 5x modded server. The server wipes map each week on Friday at 12pm and BP wipe every other week at the same time. The server currently has two active admins with the expectation to expand as the population grows. Keep an eye out for opportunities.

Our rules are fairly simple:

Do not spam global chat and use English
Using any kind of scripting, cheats or exploits will result in a ban
Max teams 3
Not knowing the rules is not a reason for breaking them
We currently have the following mods enabled:

5x Gather Rate
TPR and Home
Custom Loot
Auto Locking Doors on placement
Kits - More for our ClubVIPs!
Custom Stack Sizes
BGrade - No more tireless upgrading every building block!

VIP Packages

We offer a three tier donation system for our VIP packages. Each VIP package comes with its own perks for you to make sure of.

Bronze VIP - £5
Silver VIP - £10
Gold VIP - £15
Be sure to checkout the different benefits of each package by clicking on the respective package!



Join our discord to keep up with all the latest information -

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