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The Coffee Lounge 3x / No BPs / Instacraft

Max clan size is 6, max roaming size is also 6. Allies are ALLOWED
Map Wipes every week on Thursdays!

Our server is lightly modded, we did not want to change the way Rust plays. What we did though was to make the game go a little faster and have some quality of life improvements.

Our Mods:
- 3x Everything!
- 30x Smelt Speeds!
- Automatic Clan Authorizations (Automatic Authorization on clan members code locks, Turrets, and SAM sites)
- No BPs
- Instant Craft
- Furnace Splitter
- Larger Stack Sizes
- Vote day
- Clans (ClanInfo and ClanTags as well)
- PM
- Backpacks
- Many cheat detector mods to help us locate cheaters
- Trade (w/ Combat Lock & Raid Lock - Used to prevent trading while in combat or raiding/getting raided.)

Our Website:
Our Discord:

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