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Rusty Purge is a community driven beginner friendly server, focused on teaching people how to play in a less agressive environment. Our admins are friendly helpful and will do there best to make the server a fun place to be. we are a well moded server with benefits of better loot and scientists that drop guns. we also like to do fun things with our players like out of no where events and build raidable bases with loot and goodies within. or even just randomly build bases to luanch rockets at each other over all a friendly environment. We DO have a discord and are likely to reach the owner or admins at nearly anytime on there if you have questions or issues.

our rules are simple.

1. Have fun.

2. Don't Greif*

3. Don't build on Admin Island. there will always be an admin Island even if the map changes it will be marked. its not a severe rule to break but your base will likely dissapear.

*Greifing specifically on this server entails raiding a players base destroying and replaceing or just reprogramming there Tool Cupboard and redooring or walling them out of there base. This sort of behavior discourages people from playing on the server. If you are caught doing this you get 1 warning, if you do it again you will be banned.


right now VIP is done though though paypal. speak to an admin about VIP! A 2 dollar minimum gets you the benefit of VIP, 5 dollors gets you VIP+, 10+ dollars gets you VIP Gold!

VIP: you get access to special commands such as  instant upgrade and instant repair. you also recieve a storage unit that is not raidable with 12 large storage boxes. (Storage buildings are admin built and maintained raiding these buildings are an instant blacklist offense.)

 VIP+: gets you everything VIP has plus your own Sedan! yes you get a car. you are responcable for protecting your car however and you will only be given 1 replacement amonth should it be stolen or destroyed. you will also recieve an inbase recycler (if your raided and move or just decide to move bases an admind will accomodate such a move at there earliest convenience.

VIP Gold: recieve VIP, VIP+, and add add ontop of that your own seaside condo with a boat garage with your own RHIB!

the garage is sealed so your boat cant be stolen and should you lose your boat it will be replaced (if your boat isnt in the garage at the end of the day it should* be replaced.) (*varies as admins are on or off) the best part of this is? like your storage locker it is unraidable property!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Should someone catch you around your condor or strage unit your not immune to being killed. if you leave doors open by accident or someone walks in while your dropping loot and kill you there free to take whatever they want as there not techincally raiding. so CLOSE YOUR DOORS and BE ALERT! door camping, where frowned upon is not aginst the rules.