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RPG SafeSpace NPCs K


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Brand new server:

PvE Server, no raiding (except NPCS), no griefing, pvp only if agreed upon. Lots of randomized events, npcs, server rewards, and purchasable vehicles. Gain exp and earn money just by playing.

**See ingame commands by typing /info ingame**

Hunt RPG is active: Gain levels and rewards as you harvest materials, kill enemies, and loot containers. Tame animals, become a trader and earn ingame currency, or explore military sites and caves filled with hostile NPCs that drop their loot on death.

Armed NPCs wander the map and are found in areas such as military installations, airfields, supermarkets, and various key locations. These npcs are different than scientists, some will be hostile and some will pay you no attention at all. If you choose to engage and kill an NPC they will drop any remaining ammo and loot just as a normal player would. Do not take them lightly as they are highly deadly if you are not prepared.

Vehicle License: Use your earned ingame currency from daily rewards or Hunt RPG progress to purchase vehicles ingame. You are also able to buy a copter, rowboat, hot air balloon, or sedan.

Still a work in progress, more to be added later. Looking for admin/mods.

Currently in progress:
NPC Bases in the wild that you can raid.