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United States
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Gaming Addicts is a U.S. hosted Rust and Discord Server where players can have fun playing Rust with 2x Gather rates, but without all the plugins that your usual modded rust server would have such as "Combat Blocked" or "Raid Blocked." We have 24/7 Admin support, and if you need help from the owner "CailE," you can receive support from him on our Discord server. We currently run many plugins on our server such as /home <name>, /Kit, /Sil <url>, and /Skinbox for our V.I.P players. We have three different kits "Starter," "Build," and "V.I.P." Our Starter Kit contains items such as a standard pickaxe, a standard axe and some food; our Build Kit contains a few items such as 2k wood, 1k stone, TC, Furnace and a Sleeping bag. Now for our V.I.P Kit and role, you will receive many different items and the ability to use the /Skinbox command, and as for items you will be able to receive 1 S.A.R., a stack of 5.56 ammunition, a Hazmat Suit, a Salvaged Pickaxe and a Salvaged Axe; to become V.I.P. on our Rust and Discord Server, you must join our Discord Server and type !VIP in any channel and you will receive a link to our V.I.P payment site and will be prompted to pay USD 7.50 through PayPal; after payment, you will instantly receive your V.I.P role, and you will have access to all the bells and whistles that comes with it.