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Рейтинг220 Random Server
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Статус Online
Текущая картаProcedural Map
Последний Ping13 minutes 31 seconds ago
Тип X3 Gather Clans Wipe Every 2 Weeks Dedicated Friends Live map Kits Doorsharing Friendly Rustio
United States
Последнее обновление06 Sep 2018
Дата регистрации16 Jul 2017



Rusty 5X is a high population PvP server with premium plugins running on a high-end dedicated server.

- Server wipes weekly every Thursday at 3pm EST.

- Blueprints wipe on the first Thursday of every month.


- No cheating or exploiting glitches of any kind. (You will be ban!)
- No VAC Banned or Limited steam accounts. (You Will Be Auto Kicked)
- Do Not inpersonate other players or admins.
- Any DDoS threats towards the server OR another player WILL result in a ban, NO questions asked.
- Do Not leak personal information about other players in public chat. (You will be ban!)
- Do your BEST to respect others, no racial slurs, no spam. (Can result in temporary ban)
- Have FUN and if you have any questions or suggestions feel free to email us.

Note: Admins are active but do not play.


More info at: www.urusty.com

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