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Сайт discord.gg
Версия 317
Тип Custom Bosses Custom Interfaces Custom Items Custom Content custom pets Custom Home
Расположение United Kingdom
Последнее обновление24 Aug 2022
Дата регистрации18 Aug 2022


Dragon Lair Has Arrived!.
 Welcome to Dragon Lair We're one of the most unique custom servers with an active staff team and developers that are working on bringing you some great unique content! Here's some of the things to look forwards too.  

Original Unique Custom minigames
 Plenty of  bosses and Global bosses to do with team mates for good loot
  Salvage token system to exchange salvage tokens for Droprate
 You're able to get bonds as loot without having to donate for them!
::Forge to upgrade some of your items to powerful BIS items!  
42 unique zones to work your way through and to get amazing loot from.  
Fully automated Scam-proof gambling system  
Battlepasses that are challenging and give you an advantage over team mates
 Iron man & Group iron man!
 Daily tasks/rewards  
POS  Hotkeys  Commands  
A fun community with plenty of In-game events and Discord giveaways!  
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