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Версия 317
Тип PKing Custom Weapons Custom Raids Friendly Community
Расположение United Kingdom
Последнее обновление20 Feb 2022
Дата регистрации30 Nov 2021


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What makes Ancestral Special?

  • Semi-custom 317
  • Custom cosmetics/pk items/pets with effects
  • Custom boxes
  • Economy-PK based (Blood money as currency)
  • Item forgement table
  • Ferox coin exchange (dump items for valuable custom items)
  • Custom RiskZone
  • Raids and custom raids (Chamber of Secrets/C.o.S.)
  • Wilderness World Bosses
  • Weekly and Holiday based events
  • Automated tournaments aswell as OSRS GP tournaments
  • Active discord community
  • Custom Nightmare Boss
  • Referral/Task managers

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