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Версия 317
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Players can now melt down unwanted armour / weapons into smithing XP and bars. Players can also collect rare bars to create expensive armour! Afk Zone: Players are now able to train a range of skills whilst AFK. This rewards them with a small amount of experience per tick in the chosen skill, as well as AFK Tokens which can be used to purchase XP Boosting Equipment. Scythe OF Virtur: All bolts and bolt enchantments: Master Capes With Particles: BOSSES: King Black Dragon - Instanced All GWD Bosses - Instanced Kalphite Queen Slash Bash Frost Dragons Dagannoth Kings Tormented Demons Chaos Elemental Corporeal Beast Barrelchest Lizard Shaman Bork Pheonix Bandos Avatar Glacors Nex Scorpia Venenatis Cerberus Skotizo Abyssal Sire Custom Crazy Man (Lvl 3 Man with 20k hp and Crazy Powerful) - Instanced Zulrah With Instance Support