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Версия 831
Тип 120 capes 120 skills 100 Bosses Active community active players Active staff All skills working
United States
Последнее обновление18 Dec 2020
Дата регистрации26 Aug 2017


This is an EoC (Evolution of Combat) server including Legacy mode. (Old school combat) COMBAT IS EXACTLY HOW YOU WILL FIND IT ON RS3 ALL SKILLS ARE WORKING 100% Photos will be posted below Before you ask, yes, every single ability works exactly the way it does in Runescape 3, just as it should. 831 Revision (currently) so here are some things you can expect to see in game: Armors: ⦁ Tectonic ⦁ Sirenic ⦁ Maleovent ⦁ Ring of Death ⦁ Amulet of Souls Weapons: ⦁ Noxious Staff ⦁ Noxious Bow ⦁ Noxious Scythe ⦁ Ascension Xbows ⦁ Seismic Wand/Singularity (Yes, you can dye these items too with your Shadow, barrows, third-age dye too.) WHAT YOU CAN DO! Since this is an 831 revision, anything you can do in 2014 Runescape 3, you can do here. Full GWD 100% Glacors 100% Legiones 100% Araxyte 100% Vorago 100% Kalphite King 100% QBD 100% Barrows 100% Tormented Demons 100% Dark Lord (custom boss) FULL SCREEN CUSTOMIZATION CUSTOMIZE YOUR ABILITY BAR Reaper tasks 100% RANDOM EVENTS A small list of quests, including the legendary “Cook’s Assistant” ..yes 100% And Jad is only 1 wave…. Easy fire cape, BUT, you get the full 37 waves in the fight kiln. A list of requirements to unlock the Comp. Cape, and more if you want it trimmed PVM FEATS THAT WILL LITERALLY TEACH YOU ABOUT THE EVOLUTION OF COMBAT FOR YOU LEGACY PLAYERS! This isn’t “pay-2-win” either. DONATE FOR PERKS OR RANK THAT’S IT! THIS IS THE BEST, RS3 SERVER, YOU WILL COME ACROSS, THAT’S A PROMISE! CLICK BELOW TO GO TO THE DOWNLOAD PAGE, AND LET’S START YOUR ADVENTURE RIGHT NOW https://www.vortexrsps.org/client-download