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Версия 718 839
Тип Eco Server PVM Daily Updates New Bosses
Последнее обновление05 Jan 2020
Дата регистрации13 Mar 2015


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Ataraxia is a server that has been around for years! Relaunched in 2018, the development has been non-stop! 

We are now boasting so much RS3 content while still maintaining the Legacy combat system! 

Come and Play Now! Check out the content!


- Telos, The Magister, Rise of the Six, Nex: Angel of Death, Vorago, Araxxor, Kalphite King & Full Godwars Dungeon 2

And of course all of the bosses pre-eoc. 


- Full Group Ironman competitive and casual season
Dual Wielding
- Full Divination and Invention
- Completionist Cape & Trimmed achievements
- Random events: Shooting Stars, Demon Boss Spawns Evil Trees
- Full Boss Task System & Grim Reaper
- All Treasure Trails and Rewards
- Bank presets
- 3 Donor Zones all with heaps of content!
- Full Boss Kill timers
- Boss, Minigame and Clue Scroll Collection Logs
- Double Experience every weekend!
- Custom Title Interface with achieveable and unlockable titles
- Full Cosmetic system similar to RS3
Sophanem Slayer Dungeon
Gemstone Celestial Dragons
- Flower Poker 

Change Logs
01 Mar 2016

- Finished the conversion from 742/742 to 718/839 (Mostly (Only local data updating is what is left));
- Fixed the Summoning tab not properly displaying/closing; also fixed left-click option selector;
- Fixed the 'Skill Advance Guide' interface - it should no longer be ugly and glitchy;
- Fixed the skill level/xp targets not properly showing up due to wrong packets;
- Summoning familiars will now run instead of slow-walk;
- The Familiar Expert promotion will no longer display if you have the perk already;
- Added the Squeal of Fortune; caution: still experimental and could be glitchy - report any found bugs here;
- Added a new client background (loading & login); re-added our crowns to the new cache;
- Added a new Game perk "Overclocked", which doubles aura active timers and halves their cooldown timers;
- Fixed incorrect aura timers/cooldown timers (All should now be based off of RS Wikia);
- Added "Elf Hermit" NPC at home area. Talk to him to see if you're worthy enough to travel to Prifddinas (The City has A LOT to offer, but nothing in it actually works because it's a big project);
- Added a new Game Perk "Elf Fiend", which allows instant access to the Prifddinas city;
- Added 2 new Perk packs "Utility pack" and "Complete pack";
- All Armadyl god items should now stop NPC's from going aggro on you;
- Herblore random - "Eli" will appear out of nowhere to hand out 'Botanists' outfit pieces and coins;
- The Botanist's outfit pieces will provide additional EXP boost based off of RS Wikia;
- Fixed right-click "Preach" option on God books when they're equipped;
- Fixed all Ring of Slaying options (Along with when equipped);
- Donators+ will now be able to see all online players via an interface;
- Experience gained from building plants in your PoH has been halved;
- Fixed Queen Black Dragons fire breath - antifires, prayers and shields will now block her fiery attacks;
- When trying to craft leather it will now send a chatbox message telling you what level is required;
- Fixed Aura shops "You need: x Loyalty points to buy this item" message;
- All Skill EXP lamps are now 'Rub'able (Obtained from the Squeal of Fortune);
- Replaced Dragonkin lamp's interface with a primitive dialogue, you can now use them to gain EXP;
- Fixed Dragon Battleaxe's/Inferno adze's combat animations;
- Fixed pickable objects not respawning properly (flax, onions, potatos etc.);
- Fire Battlestaff will now supply infinite amounts of fire runes correctly;
- Fixed repairing Torag's platebody 0 turning into a Verac's flail;
- Fixed player Jailing;
- Wilderness Agility course no longer turns off your run;
- Enabled the Dominion Tower along with loads of edits/fixes; also added it to the minigames teleport section;
- Enabled the Musics system along with additional failsafes and fixes to it;
- All Boss Pets have been re-made to support the new NPC/Item models;
- Added RS3's Legacy combat stances.

02 Mar 2016

- Completely remade how Regions and Dynamic Regions were built; this means - dynamic maps (Fight Caves, Pest Control etc) are now fully functioning, meaning, you will no longer get stuck in walls when trying to move around objects. This was a HUGE project which took me a couple days to finish;
- Fixed teleporting out of Fight Caves/Fight Kiln;
- Finally finished the Construction skill - FULL Player Owned houses - Build, extend, join other houses, throw house parties, order buttlers around and so much more. The day has come Edelarians, all Hell will break loose;
- The Town Crier who welcomes players has been renamed to "Edelar's Manager"; also fixed NPC mask updating that allows these kind of changes;
- Edited Wise Old man's mastery cape store to support the new Mastery capes;
- Updated Fight Kiln rewards to support the 2 new Kiln capes;
- Added all Prifddinas city NPC spawns;
- Added all Divination Wisp spawns;
- Added all Resource dungeon NPC spawns;
- Bigger bosses (ie. General Graardor, Corporeal beast) will no longer get stuck behind other NPC's;
- Fixed a serious issue regarding local NPC updating (Made the whole game crash..);
- You will no longer gain experience while damaging a monster that has a set cap damage (ex. enhanced ruby bolts);
- Edited Godwars dungeon objects (since new pre-rooms are now available) as well as fixed Sara's 'Rocky wall' entrance;
- Fixed Clue Scrolls rewards - should no longer be endless;
- Reduced the monster amounts you have to slay on your Slayer tasks for quicker Task points;
- Fixed some small/quick issues with NPC home spawns;
- Fixed an issue with player force movements.

03 Mar 2016

- You no longer have to buy a house from the Estate Agent;
- Fixed a bug where 'Eli' wouldn't give you a Botanist's top;
- Fixed a minor typo in Estate Agent's dialogue;
- Fixed Loot beams (still have to get the real GFX ID for it though);
- Completely revamped Treasure Trails system. Puzzles, boxes, Ugi (The mysterious clue guy), sextants, maps, emotes, objects, easy/medium/hard/elite levels and so much more;
- Fixed using logs on Fires/Using fires - to do Bonfire; also formatted bonfire chat messages;
- Fixed all Full slayer helmet options; they can also be equipped now;
- You can now create teleport tablets in your Houses.