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Версия Pre Renewal
Тип Competitive Classic Friendly GMs International SEA Balanced No P2W
Viet Nam
Последнее обновление26 Apr 2020
Дата регистрации18 Apr 2020

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SunnyRO - Bring back the Legend!

SunnyRO is trying to rebuild the community of Ragnarok Online players, that means bringing back the old players and also introducing this fantastic world to new ones. Staying close to the official server's development, we try to improve the perfomance of the good old system by adding more custom features, balancing the classes, and removing the unnecessary parts of the game.

Rate Exp: x12
Rate Drop: x12
Rate MvP/Miniboss: x3

- 240+ players WoE (April 2020)
- Absolutely no Pay to Win. Cash Shop is selling only Costume Items.
- A lot of custom features, custom maps, monster, items but still very close to official vibes.
- Good balancing between people who have a lot of time to play and who don't.

Let's help us bring back the legendary MMORPG and enjoy good memories together!